Why I Love Being a Black Father: Stories of Black Fathers

“I love being a Black father because one it is truly a blessing being born Black. Also its a great responsibility I been blessed with being a father of a black son. I love watching him grow and share so much of my knowledge that my father and his father passed on to me. I love watching him implement me and what he sees in me but also naturally show characteristics of myself to. I love being a father because I want to protect him and also embody him with the courage to be a confident black man.” – Major Cooper

“I am extremely honored to be the father of two beautiful black daughters. I find the greatest joy in knowing that I have the ability to demonstrate to my daughters what it is to be loved by a black man, what it is to be cherished by a black man,  and what it is to be cared for by a black man. My power is in my presence and I intend to use it to raise well rounded women who have a positive perspective and experience with their first black love…me!” – Khamisie Green

“My son, is by far the greatest thing in this world since sliced bread!  Being able to go from seeing him in a 2D sonogram and now to teaching him about life at 9 years old, has been everything short of amazing.  I love knowing that I have someone that looks up to me the same way I look up to my father.  Being blessed to grow up in a household, where my parents are still currently married, I enjoyed all the lessons I learned from my father and enjoy passing those same things down to him.  To know that I am someone’s superhero and they love me no matter what, is just a feeling that is so hard to describe and I would not trade being in his life for anything else in this world.” – Alexander Martin

“I’m a proud black father of three girls. I was married into a ready made family where the older two girls dad is in and out of their lives as young as they are. My greatest thing about being a black father is being there for them. I refuse to be another black male not in their children lives supporting them as they grow older from little girls into women. Especially here in America where the black father has been stripped from the black home for years from mental  Conditioning. Also, I use myself as a great representation for other black males that are trying to get to where I am as a black father. ” – Lamont Brown


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